Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wednesday Nights are Special it Seems

Nothing beats feeling loved then your mom yelling at you to wake up this morning and telling you you're not allowed to leave the house today and then proceeding to tell you that she thinks your worthless and don't do anything. Love you too mom.

So last night was interesting. I don't know what it is with Wednesday nights but they for some reason always happen to be the nights when interesting things happen. So last night all my friends were busy like usual and so I went to go sit at the park somewhatish near my house. It's like a park that has fountains and water that you can play in. It's really relaxing at night and it's open until midnight unlike every other park around here that closes at 10. So I was sitting there and all of a sudden this drunk guy walks up to me. I was like yes? And he's like "you're a girl aren't you?" And I'm like. . . . uh ya? And he's like "Then you can give me some girl advice. My girl just left me and I really love her and I give her roses every day and she still tells me to go away and I don't know what to do." And I was like "Well why did she leave you?" And he says "because she's jealous. Aren't a lot of girls jealous? I don't know why. Are you a jealous girl?" And I was like "no I'm not. I think guys can be just as jealous. I think it's a human tendency to be afraid of losing something they love so they get jealous." And he was like hmm.
Now you're probably thinking was there a moment where I was scared he was going to do something to me? Hell ya! But then it subsided and I had the feeling that he just needed to talk. Plus there was other people in the park (all couples making out mind you) and I didn't have anywhere to be or anything else to do. So I talked to him for like 30 min. It was kinda funny actually. But he just told me his whole life and we were talking (well as much as you can talk to someone who is like wasted). But then my 3 friends showed up because they had nothing else to do after hanging out. They brought like 2 other people (one of them I knew the other one I didn't). Anyways so then they were talking to the guy too. We all walked around and talked to the guy and did other things until almost midnight when me and my 3 guy friends left and went to McDonald's were we sat there and talked until like 2:30 in the morning.

I find it interesting how things just happen sometimes. How random people start talking to you. How you end up having an unplanned night of laughter. How you feel like you actually belong again. Last night was a good night. An odd night, but a good night nonetheless. It was exactly what I needed. 

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