Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rubber Meets the Road

Beginning the day off right with a cup of iced tea and a run. It's the simple things in life that matter. Amidst all the chaos, it's these things that allow us to simply relax and enjoy a minute or two. So today is day 2 of my decision to flip my world upside-down. I'm beginning to think my parents are beginning to warm up to the idea of having a child that likes to change their mind at every last minute. Today is the day, though, where the rubber hits the road and where I begin to make my new choice a permanent one. Transcripts, applications, registration, and the likes. Boring things. But on the bright side, tonight I get to welcome home my boyfriend after he gets off the plane from his second home (a.k.a. where he goes to school- Italy) and I get to hug and kiss him again for the first time in 7months. Sometimes I think these long-distance things are a pile of smelly animal dung, but at the same time I remember why I love them. The feeling you get when you see your loved one again, the look on their face as they see you again, and the overwhelming emotion.... none of it can be beat. It's what I love about it. Those are the moments that make up for all the others that have been missed. It also helps to know that one day (hopefully only 2 yrs from now) we won't be doing this anymore and we can spend every day together. But as of right now- we both must live with this and enjoy the few days a year we do have together. Well anyways. Time for me to go and get some paperwork filled out.

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