Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 4

Day 4 on this dreadful island. I think we are beginning to run out of water. There are two dead and three that are extremely ill. If you are reading this then we have all perished. I believe, I myself, am coming down with a dreadful disease. . .

Just kidding. Okay so it is day 4 ladies and gentlemen. I have OFFICIALLY sent in all my paperwork to the colleges and now just comes the time where you hope and pray you made it into the school. . . My mom asked me today if I was applying to any other schools and I said no. That was when I realized how important it is for me to get accepted for this spring at the U. Goodness. . . . I am so worried. The applications aren't to be reviewed until September but I'm still really worried about it. On a better note- I can now focus on other things since I got all the paperwork turned in already. I swear I have been on a roll getting things done the last few days. I blame it on my boyfriend. Every waking minute I'm not with him I have to keep myself distracted otherwise I go insane with the overwhelming desire to see his face and feel his touch again. I have been more productive in these last few days then I have this entire year. . . quite sad honestly when I think of how lazy I really am. Sometimes I wish I was more like my other friends who are just so task orientated and perfectionistic that they are always getting things done in a timely manner. Oh well. It is what it is as I always say.

So today was probably the closest I've been to passing out in a while. I woke up at 6:45 and met my mentor for coffee before meeting my friend for a run at 9:30. By noon I realized I hadn't eaten all day. Now that normally isn't a bad thing except for the fact that I didn't eat at all yesterday and I only ate lunch the day before and on monday I only had a smoothie and on Sunday I only ate two eggs. So basically.... I have eaten barely anything the last 5 days. Which isn't horrible. It's like fasting, which I have done before, but when you fast you typically drink a lot of liquid and are very relaxed. I have been running (like literally) as well as been super busy and in the sun and heat and I haven't been drinking a lot of liquids. I felt so light headed and so hungry but at the same time the sound of food made me want to vomit. I swear this stress is beginning to get to me... and it's stressing me out more that food makes me want to hurl. I just need a day with my boyfriend- just the two of us- to relax and clear my head. But these past few days I have seen him a total of roughly 6 hours. And when I am with him we are typically with other people who want to see him which is understandable because he just got home. Now I'm not complaining because I actually get to see him!! I just want a day to ourselves. We'll see. That might happen tomorrow. :)

I'm sorry that I talk about him so much. I'll talk about something else.

SO... I got an instrument. Well sorta. I did get one but it turned out to not be that good so I have to send it back. BUT I found another one that I loveeeee. I really hope I can get it. I've been saving up for the past 5 years to be able to buy my own French Horn (yes that's what I play- one of the most gorgeous instruments to exist ;) no I'm not biased at all). I'm so excited to finally own one- I don't care if it's been used, it will soon decide to change loyalties and join my side. Ahhhh I'm just so excited! Maybe all this excitement is also what is affecting my appetite. . . . .

Anyways. Enjoy your night and tomorrow everybody! Bonsoir! 

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