Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Wedding and An End

Sorry I didn't write yesterday or the day before! I just really had nothing that I felt like saying.
Well yesterday one of my friends got married! It's so weird to see people I know getting married around me. It's such a weird thing. It's like... they are beginning a new chapter of their life and I'm back here like "yup, keep moving, nothing to see here." Who knows when I'll get married. Or if I'll ever get married. Weddings are so fun though. They are seemingly such a happy time. I love watching as the bride and groom shed a tear and the parents cry in the pews as the couple says their vows. I love watching as they commit to loving each other for the rest of their lives.

So yesterday was a joyous day because of that but then it all came crashing down around me last night. It's hard for me to even type this right now because I feel like my whole world is coming to an end. I feel like I have no future at this moment and that I was stupid to have even taken a chance in the first place... My boyfriend decided to end our relationship last night. That is all I have to say on the subject. Now I just have to accept that fact and the fact that I have no idea what I am going to do with my life and that I am stuck in this hell hole for the next 2 years at least...

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