Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Walk and Coffee

So I got to see my boyfriend last night at the airport. I love airport reunions- I have to say. Oh my God was I nervous though. My heart was racing so much I thought I was going to be like one of those fainting goats; I would get so scared when I saw him that I would just fall over. When I did see him though I just ran. He dropped his bags and did a little "run" towards me and then gave me the biggest hug. It was so nice to be in his arms again and feel his touch. I call it a "run" because it was more like those half skip run things guys normally do because it's not as acceptable for them to act as little children thrilled to see their loved one after an extended absence. ;) This morning I went to get us coffee and then drove over to his house. We got to enjoy a lovely really long walk and catch up. I'm so glad he's home. It's almost like a dream. He's been gone for so long I almost think I'm dreaming or hallucinating when I see him. It's almost like that song "If You Want Me" by Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova that says:
Are you really here
or am I dreaming?
I can't tell dreams from truth
for it's been so long
since I have seen you.
I can hardly remember
your face anymore.

Don't get me wrong though- I love seeing him. It's just like he always tells me "it's harder when I do see you to have to say goodbye again". Ain't that the truth in it's purest form there. I just cling onto the knowledge that in about 2 years we will be together again and not have to worry about distance. Some people tell me that 2 years is so long and that there is no point in us even being in a relationship when we could look for others... but in reality- What would looking for another person do for me? Just give me that almost daily gratification of seeing them? That's it? How is a long distance relationship any different then a close distance one besides seeing each other more or less often? Either way, I'm just glad he's in my life and I know these years will test us but if we make it through to the other side then we will be a lot stronger and know that distance is something that is not a problem or something to be feared in our relationship. Plus, it kind of makes reunions better and more enjoyable if you ask me ;)

Well Day 3 of choosing to stay home and right now I'm even more glad I chose to stay because after seeing my boyfriend I don't think I would have been able to bare leaving him on August 7th. It would have been so early... and then another complete year before we would see each other. My mother is beginning to accept the fact that I'm staying here. My dad is thrilled but I'm beginning to get the feeling my mom couldn't wait until I left. Oh well- her problem. I do think, though, that these are some words she should live by:

Though it wouldn't hurt if we ALL tried to live by them. . .

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