Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Last Minute Decisions Will Kill Someone One Day

I think it appeared as quite a shock. What? You may ask. Or to whom? Others of you may ask. To the world is my answer and as to what? Well. Let me explain. This past year I have done what many of the graduating seniors of the class of 2013 have done, apply to schools. To universities, colleges, the like; all over the country I've applied. To schools that I may or may not want to go to, ones that are private and public, and ones that some have never even heard of. After all this, I had decided on one school in particular and planned on attending it in the fall. I would have had to leave on August 7th, but just today I decided to announce my change of plans. Yes, less than a month before I was supposed to leave for school in Virginia, I decided to withdraw and switch schools. Now, you can see how this would be quite a shock for those around me. I had no other plan, none, except for choosing to not leave this fall. Why did I choose this? You may ask. I answer because I had a feeling it was not the right place for me. Better late then never right? So instead I will be spending my fall back at the community college in which I have spent the last 2 years and then hope to transfer to the University of Minnesota this coming spring. To be honest. As much as I announce my new plans, I don't think they have yet to truly sink in. I don't think I fully understand what I have gotten myself into and yet... I don't think I care to know. At first I asked myself why am I choosing to stay here- the one place I've wanted to leave ever since I could form my own memories. But now I know that I have made the right decisions, as much as those around me tell me I'm wrong. I had an instant sense of peace when I chose to stay. So. With that said and done. I guess we shall see what this summer brings and what this coming school year has to offer. But I must say- my world has just been turned upside-down.

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