Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shit that Happens that Really Shouldn't

So tonight was.... a very eventful night. Let's just put it that way. Starting at 10pm tonight I went out with two of my lovely girlfriends. We went to a karaoke bar, you know to just have fun and all. Well, while there, we happened to call two friends to come. They both came and brought one of their mutual friends. We all 6 then decided we were hungry and headed over to another place to eat. Upon arriving at about 11:45, we ordered some food and played some pool and talked and laughed and had fun. By about 1am, after several games of pool (which I happened to rock at... no biggie), we decided we were being loud and moved outside.

We then proceeded to play some fun truth or dare. Upon the second dare of my African friend having to sing the lion king's main song while standing upon a rock we met a beautiful lovely girl who needed a light. We gave her one and then began talking with her. Soon her sister and we assume boyfriend came out and joined our little pow-wow. It was exciting and I say we had fun. Mostly, it was dare that was chosen and many consisted of: mooning, licking peoples toes, twerking, running shirtless across the parking lot, and a variety of other activities. But I kid you not, at about 2:20ish am I went inside for a trip to the bathroom. Literally I was gone for maybe 2 minutes. I came back and there was the manager outside, the guy we met putting his shirt one, the girl we first met yelling at someone in the parking lot, my three guy friends standing up, and my two girlfriends nowhere to be seen. I quickly went outside and joined my guyfriends and the dude we met went inside. Apparently... right after I walked inside a random guy showed up. My three guyfriends had stood up because they knew something wasn't right and something was about to go down. The guy who walked up apparently popped open a knife and jumped on top of the assumed boyfriend, pulled off his shirt, and everyone flipped out. Things went flying, the bench was flipped, the manager came out, and my two girlfriends got the hell out of there. The guy ended up leaving and no one was hurt (thank God) but what we gathered from the situation was he had just gotten out of jail and was probably the ex-boyfriend of the girl we just met. I felt so bad for this young lady. She was so scared and embarrassed and didn't know what to do. We tried helping and offering her a ride home. We knew she shouldn't go home alone but they said the cops were already at her house. She refused our offered ride home and so we all ended up leaving. I have to say that tonight was an eventful night. Some parts were exciting and some were more terrifying. I have to say though that I'm just glad everyone is ok. . .

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