Monday, September 16, 2013

Music Speaks Those Unspoken Words

This morning was an interesting morning and I think I realized a few things. It was a cold morning yet the sun was still shining. It was one of the obvious fall days where you know winter is shortly around the corner. I was driving the school with my best friend and we were discussing how much of an impact music can have on one's feelings. I decided to show her an example of the bond two people can share with music by showing her The Civil Wars. It was a gorgeous song and the light of the sun shown in and bounced off of mirrors, metal objects, and anything else that dances with light. It just gave me this renewed love for music and life. I felt my soul stir as I remembered the days when I would uninhibitedly jump up and down while listening to music, would get so excited over playing classical music, would have ideas appear in my head for chords and melodies for pieces of music I was composing, and the times I would have no other desire than to sit at the piano and write music or learn a new complicated piece on my french horn. Music is my soul and my life. It allows me to feel so much; to feel more than I would with or through anything else in my life. Music speaks the words of my soul. . . those words that can be uttered in no other way. It speaks the feelings that have no description. It communicates clearer and more precisely than I will ever be able to in my life.
Those feelings this morning gave a small jump start to my barely beating soul and gave me this hope that things will get better. It reminded me of the things in life I enjoy and it reminded me to actually pursue those enjoyments. It has been over a month since I have sat down and played piano. . . since I have sat down and studied a piece of Mozart or other music. . . since I sat down and just took in the sun on my face, breathed in the wind, and listened to the sounds of nature.
Is it weird that when I listen to music that I picture far away places or situations in my life? Is it weird that sometimes I see colors race through my mind as I listen to music?
I told my friend this morning that when you find someone who appreciates music as you do, you tend to create this instant bond. This bond that is not relational, physical, or mental; but instead is emotional to depths unknown by anyone else. It is a bond that is unexplainable. It is a bond shared by two people who have experienced a depth and soul gripping emotion that only those who have experienced it can understand. . .
I really have this hope that everyone, at some point in their life, will have a chance to experience this feeling. It is a feeling that never leaves you for as long as you live and gives way to an opportunity to experience life in a new way.
Music. Such a blessing in life. What would we ever do without it?

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